Explore the world of beautifully crafted Eco-Friendly products made of Jute.

Reduce Plastic Dependency & Waste

Jute is a 100% biodegradable product that is not only beautiful but also can be part of many things in your life that can substantially reduce your carbon imprint on the planet.

Xypex Waterproofing

Use crystalline technology to permanently prevent or repair any leaks in your building or concrete structure.

Save your building from decaying fast

Xypex crystalline technology will increase your concrete structure to over a 100 years by providing protection from water and harmful attacks that comes from the environment.
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We work closely with buyers and sellers using our international network to ensure the right quality and price is achieved for many projects.

We supply to the world

Using our own network of international sales & procurement agents, business partners and industrial leaders, we thrive to provide customers with their needs. We ourselves run direct sales & marketing operations in USA, Europe, Russia, India, Turkey and more.
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